3 Surprisingly Simple Tips for Decluttering (#3 Really Helped Me!)

My favorite time to declutter is when I’m procrastinating.

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Crazy, huh?

But it’s true – there’s nothing like trying to avoid from something I’m supposed to be doing that brings out a long-lost desire to declutter and get organized.

Come to think of it, laundry sounds more interesting then too.

Whether you declutter best as an avoidance technique or only when you’re facing the threat of someone coming over soon, it’s something we all have to do.

But if you’re not born organized, trying to figure out the best way to get organized can leave you feeling challenged and overwhelmed.

So I thought I’d pull together 3 insanely simple ways to declutter – and I’ve got to admit, #3 is definitely my favorite.  I wonder which one will be your fav!

1. Let Your Clothes Tell You

Ever hear the theory that you only wear about 20% of your clothes on a regular basis? Have you ever wondered if you’re keeping stuff that you just don’t wear? Here’s a good way to test it out.  Go to your closet right now and turn all of your hangers around so they’re facing opposite of the way you normally hang things.

As you wear things and hang them back up after washing, hang them the correct way again.  Pretty soon, you’ll easily be able to see what you’re wearing – and what you’re not. It might make it easier to justify letting go of the things that aren’t bringing you joy on a regular basis.

You can also find ways to do this with other kinds of belongings, too. Maybe it would help you cull your craft supplies, sheets and towels, or even the junk drawers in your home. Be creative!

2. Pick a Goal and Stick With It

Part of the reason you might be challenged by decluttering is simply that it’s not specific enough. Some people set a certain amount of time to declutter each day – you might use 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Others set a goal of getting rid of a certain number of items each day or week. Whatever you choose, make it specific enough so that you can clearly track your progress. As decluttering and home organization expert Flylady likes to say, “Your home did not get messy overnight and it’s not going to get clean overnight.” But if you keep at it, you will conquer the clutter!

3. Get Creative With Your Perspective

Sometimes it’s tough to declutter just because you’re too close to the problem.

So it’s time to get creative and adopt a new perspective! Imagine you’re trying to sell your home, or you’re inviting your boss over. Take a good look around – does it make it easier to really see the clutter?  Half the battle is just being aware of the problem. Once you are noticing more of your clutter, then use some of the other suggestions to help you sort through it and figure out what needs to go.

What are your favorite decluttering tips?  Leave a comment below!

5 Great Marriage Books You Should Read

Is this the year you’re going to help your marriage be all it’s meant to be?

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I know that having a solid marriage is a huge part of what lets me be my best when it comes to building the 6-figure business that goes along with my 6-figure mompreneur lifestyle!

If you’re ready to build your own marriage, here’s a great list of 5 books on marriage to help you get started. (I wanted to include 10, but then I wondered if you’d just look at the list and never get started actually reading them. That’s not helpful!)

Go ahead and print out a copy and stick it next to your computer so you can order one to start on the next time you’re checking out books at Amazon.

Do you have a favorite that’s not on my list? Make sure you add it in the comments below!

1) The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts

This is a classic among marriage therapists for good reason. When you and your spouse recognize, understand, speak, and receive each other’s “love languages,” it can seriously rekindle the intimacy in your relationship.  (And when you don’t understand this about each other, it can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings!)

2) Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: And How You Can Make Yours Last

A book about making your marriage last written by someone who has (drumroll please), actually analyzed and studied what people who stay married have in common.  Who’d have thunk it?

3) Boundaries in Marriage

Learn how to know, communicate, and respect each other’s needs, choices, and desires for freedom.  (Think that could help you feel more comfortable being open with each other? Thought so.)

4) The Four Seasons of Marriage

Like any part of life, your marriage has seasons. Sometimes it feels easier, sometimes it feels harder. The trick to staying married is to learn how to recognize each and to understand how to enhance your marriage no matter what season you’re in.

5) Beyond Boundaries – Learning to Trust Again in Relationships

So…what if you have a hard time trusting as a result of past painful relationships? It’s something that happens to a lot of people! Here’s a great book to help you move past the pain and learn how to wisely trust again in a way that feels safe.

What are your favorite books that have helped strengthen your marriage? Leave me a comment below!